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Indian Bible College labors at one task above all others: teaching the Word of God. That central activity is our contribution to God’s program. A Bible college links the Word to life, providing an intensive form of discipleship.
Indian Bible College is distinct from other Bible colleges in that it specifically targets Native American students who are pursuing ministry and church leadership. The student/staff ratio is extremely low, allowing for individualized instruction and courses specifically designed for each particular audience.
Help is available for those struggling with English as a second language while the general level of education is maintained according to commonly accepted standards.

Training at Indian Bible College will enable you to become a stronger believer and change the legacy of many Native Americans who desperately need a message of hope. Changing that legacy first means changing your mind to be more like Christ. Download 2016-17 Catalog
IBC is a great place to grow spiritually. If you want to become more like Jesus come study at IBC.-Associate Graduate


The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) awarded IBC “candidate” status in February 2017, which means we have met their preliminary accreditation requirements and can promote ourselves as a nationally accredited college. We now have up to five years to fully meet ABHE’s requirements in order to receive “initial” accreditation.

Programs of Study

Christian Ministry Certificate (CMC)
Through the Christian Ministry Certificate (CMC), IBC also offers extension courses via online or taught in reservation churches. We offer six core classes that are designed to meet the needs of laymen and ministers who are unable to relocate to an on-campus program for training. View CMC Requirements >>
Certificate of Bible Studies (CBS)
This one year program gives students grounding in the Word of God and in a biblical worldview for a lifetime of Christian influence. View CBS Requirements >>
Associates of Biblical Studies (ABS)
A two year Associates of Biblical Studies program trains students for ministry influence in local church or para-church settings. Associate graduates frequently work very effectively in Christian service. View ABS Requirements >>
Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS)
The four year Bachelor degree prepares students for Christian leadership. Graduates of the IBC Bachelor degree are in high demand in Native Churches and ministries and have many leadership options, both paid and unpaid. View BBS Requirements >>